My name is Aileen Mayers and I am an artist and designer specialising in making fused-glass artworks and jewellery.​ Having always had a great love of colour, I find glass a wonderful medium to work with. Not only are the colours stunning, but the light and reflections achieved are just amazing.

Each individual piece is made by hand in my studio in Old Basing, Hampshire.

My designs are influenced by many things - sometimes a specific colour or piece

of glass suggests an idea, or other times aspects from natural forms and patterns give me inspiration . The effects nature provides us with through flowers and fauna constantly provide me with new ideas!


I like to use shapes and textures in a simplified form and glass has a way of adapting design in its own way, adding to the beauty by sometimes giving random and unexpected effects. I enjoy using strong geometric shapes and experimenting with the interaction between shape and colour. I am interested in the placement

of shapes and the way a design can be strengthened purely by moving it's elements and juxtaposing the composition slightly.


My work is constantly evolving through a range of original, distinctive designs, all of which are created to bring light and colour to the fore.

I also love making beaded jewellery and have created a range of unusual jewellery, using glass beads of several types including lampwork glass beads form India and Chinese crystals. Again colour is key to my designs and I try to create some fun items for everyday but also elegant pieces for special occasions. 

I am always happy to discuss any requirements you may have for glass or jewellery commissions - just email or phone me for more information.